Sherbet Ride Electric Taxis Sunbeam Studios London

Sherbet Ride Electric Taxis at Sunbeam Studios

  Our Sherbet Ride ambassador drivers provided rides in environmentally friendly electric taxis at Sunbeam Studios during a sustainable fashion event earlier this month. Sherbet Ride wholly encourages sustainable initiatives and seeks to support companies who put their corporate social responsibility agendas at the forefront.     Sherbet Ride ambassador drivers are committed to giving… Sherbet Media Taxi Advertising Campaign London Taxis Taking Over London Streets

  88vape OOH (out of home) campaign ‘Why Pay More?’ continues across the capital now including advertising on iconic London taxis. The 88vape taxis will be on the roads over the next few months advertising British made £1 premium e-liquids. Incorporating both taxi advertising formats – supersides and liveries maximizing the drive to purchase consideration.…

Fly DSA Doncaster Sheffield Airport Taxis Sherbet Media

Fly DSA & Doncaster Sheffield Airport | What Kind Of Holiday Hero Are You?

    Recent Fly DSA & Doncaster Airport taxi advertising campaign on supersides, liveries and tip seats in Sheffield. Printed on four creatives, taxis showcase different ‘Holiday Heroes’. Campaign is reaching to frequent travellers who love holidays and are looking forward to get away. Describing ‘Holiday Heros’ in a fun way as: perky poolside professional,…

Accessibility Sherbet Ride Drive Electric Taxi London

Accessibility of Electric Taxis

  With the introduction of the newest technology of emission free vehicles, London taxis provide a environmentally friendly and high-quality service. Our unique combination of pristine luxury taxis, professionally trained chauffeurs and in-depth knowledge of London means our comprehensive range of services are valued by discerning business and private customers throughout the city of London.…