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Your Taxi is your most valuable asset. Maximise revenue and drive cost savings on your vehicle with the Sherbet Network

Fleet Owners

Evolution and innovation means our current business models of Garages are evolving into Studios, and our Mechanics are now Technicians. The same advancement means our Passengers are now Consumers and our administration is now in the Cloud.

Consumer behaviour has changed significantly. Consumer demand is that service is at its highest level; we exist in a brand competitive world with multiple choices and communication bombarding all day at every touch-point.

Working with the Sherbet Network allows us to collectively control & maintain Driver & Taxi  standards within our Industry. Meaning effective taxi rental pricing, automated Taxi rental & collections, breakdown, and charging support – reducing the need for Rent rates driver contracts, parking tickets.

We can ensure uniformity in our approach, share in incremental revenue and reduce our costs which of course equals a profitable output.

Fleet operators who invest in the Electric Taxi model will need to be sure the Driver is reliable & trustworthy to look after their biggest investment. Maintaining an electric taxi must be managed and controlled to protect warranties.

Owner Drivers

Congratulations! You have invested in your future and Sherbet wants to invest in you. We can work together to deliver a world class service to the High-Net-Worth AB Consumers in London.

As part of the Sherbet Network we help you maximise your Taxi investment. We will support you run your own profitable business as an SME, increase your revenue, decrease your costs and elevate your offering using innovative technology with  Marketing and Social media with our expert team.

Passengers can now book their Electric taxi experience in your vehicle. Airport transfers at Fixed fares- Hourly bookings – Film shoots

Drivers criteria…

Only the worlds best need apply

Rental Drivers

Ask your fleet owner to join the Sherbet Network saving both you and your fleet owner time and money.

Driving in the Sherbet Network compliments your commitment to be the worlds best.

Benefit from the latest technology and app bookings

Drivers criteria apply

Only the Worlds best need apply!