We have run some of the highest-profile, most recognisable and memorable taxi campaigns ever launched


Trusted by Agencies, Specialists and Clients directly, Sherbet have invested in the Industry recognised Route system, coupled with our own unique bespoke dynamic data source Telematics helps to inform our planning and recommendations for our client providing greater insight and accountability to media buying.

Our Telematics system tracks every journey and touchpoint, enabling geo-targeting by location and bringing alive your taxi campaign. From heat maps to videography, technology and credibility underpin all of Sherbet’s media solutions.

PR & Experiental

PR and Advertising often go hand in hand but at Sherbet we recognise that they can be two different approaches with a completely different objective and overall effect.

While advertising is exclusively focused on promotion of products or services with an aim to encourage a target audience to buy, PR is specialised in communication with the public and media.

The impact of a Sherbet special build or Experiential Event will generate a viral response and puts your brand in the consumers hand in order to promote sharing socially.

Unique PR projects also deliver the Halo effect of Trade or Consumer press or ‘column inches’ adding increased awareness and noise.

Out of Home

Always with a collaborative approach, at Sherbet we ensure between agencies, clients and creative partners, we combine a reliance on our intelligent data and insights, coupled with smart planning and creativity to deliver campaigns with optimum ROI, are impactful and targeted with proven deliverable results.