Your account must be paid up to date, for you to be eligible for a holiday in your weekly rental payments. Pay-as-you-Go drivers can return their taxi and will not be charged during the holiday. Standard drivers may be eligible for a holiday in their weekly payments depending on their agreement, the length of time they have been renting and whether their account is fully paid up-to-date. Please enter the dates requested for your holiday below. We will contact you to advise if the request has been approved subject to these conditions.
Under the terms of your agreement with Sherbet the taxi should be returned to Sherbet during the holiday period. However, Sherbet will on occasion, at its total discretion, allow drivers to retain the taxi at home for short periods. Drivers must not drive the taxi when a holiday has been requested as the vehicle may not be insured.

Would you like to keep the taxi at home during the holiday or return it to Sherbet?