The new TXE electric taxis have now been on London streets for over year, more and more drivers are deciding to make the jump in to electric cabs. Sherbet understand the move in to an electric taxi can be overwhelming and are here to help.

Our rental team are made up of taxi drivers and most importantly users of the taxi, they are ready to advise you on all aspects of the taxi and help you make the move in to electric. Our team can advise on charging solutions and most importantly can discuss saving that you would make by moving to electric

The TXE is the most driver friendly taxi ever built, it has a range of features to improve your working experience. Drivers who have been using the cab love it. Here’s what our drivers had to say

“Fantastic drive, it makes the job so much easier and customers love it”
Darren, All London Driver.

“The charging took time to get used to, but now it’s easy and part of my day. Would I go back to a TX4, absolutely not”
Mike, Suburban Driver

When deciding to rent an electric taxi from Sherbet we offer a full induction on all the features and workings of the vehicle and can offer advice on charging and charging points. We also offer full support and are there to answer any question you may have.

If the above interests you why not book our test drive experience, you can book a time that suits you. On arrival you will get a full tour of the taxi and all the features. You will then get the chance to take the cab for a drive. This gives you the opportunity to make up your own mind and decide for yourselves if it’s for you. We can also answer any question you make have. There is no obligation and no hard sell. If you would like to book a test drive please contact us on 020 3948 3315 and we can arrange a suitable time and date.

The TXE is the best yet taxi invented.  As well as being the greenest vehicle available, it’s the quietest and most versatile option custom built to meet drivers and passengers needs

The Driver Experience

The TXE is the most comfortable taxi for drivers designed, with the help of actual London cabbies, to complement the way the driver works. There is the ergonomic adjustable seat controls and fitting with more space, comfort and storage.  Combined with the super smooth ride, the overall experience for drivers is a step change from all the other taxis on offer.

Passenger Experience

Passengers also receive the best possible experience in the new taxi.  The panoramic roof, lighting and noise reduction create a relaxing experience with passengers able to relax and work in peace as they travel.  On board wi-fi, USB and mains charging points for phones and laptops are provided helping passengers to enjoy their ride encouraging repeat business from happy passengers

Zero Emissions

The LEVC taxi combines two operating modes – zero emissions battery power with range-extended flexibility.  A petrol generator provides back-up charge to the main battery engine providing a combined range of 377 miles on one charge and one refill.

You can charge the taxi overnight from home, or use one of the public fast street charging points across London.